02/03/22: GOSSIP Seminar – Katharine Vincent “Navigating power relationships in African climate services”

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Co-production of knowledge is a promising approach to promote more just and sustainable development outcomes, and has been widely embraced in developing climate services. However, co-production covers many approaches with a major cleavage between those focusing on outcomes and the production of actionable knowledge; and those focusing on process and inclusion of multiple voices. Whilst there is the potential for co-production to be transformative, this potential will not be realised unless there is dedicated commitment to identify and confront the embodied power relations and the hegemonic knowledge systems among the participants in the process. This seminar will unpack some of the manifold ways in which power relations have been manifest in co-production of climate services in Africa, illustrating attempts to avoid co-exploitation and co-destruction in favour of co-exploration and co-production.

Join us at 3pm on Teams.