Academic Staff
Andueza, Dr Luis[email protected]social science, anthropology, Amazon, Latin America
Brown, Dr Antje[email protected]green politics; international relations; energy governance
Clayton, Dr Daniel [email protected]history of empire; post-colonial musings; cultural geographies; French philosophers
Davies, Dr Althea*[email protected]palaeoecology; conservation; climate reconstruction; environmental conflicts and governance
Finney, Dr Nissa*[email protected]mixed methods; population
Hope, Dr Jessica[email protected]
Keenan, Dr Katy*[email protected]quantitative analysis; health and development; Africa
Kesby, Dr Mike[email protected]participatory geographies; HIV/ AIDS; Africa
Laurie, Prof Nina [email protected]development; sustainable tourism; Amazon; Latin America
Leahy, Dr Sharon [email protected]border studies; precarity; everywhere border; legal geographies
Mardero, Dr Sofia[email protected]climate change; peasant adaptations; traditional knowledge; sustainable livelihoods; agricultural policies
Mikolai, Dr Julia*[email protected]partnership dynamics; transition to first birth; multi-state (event history) models; European population; residential mobility
Okafor-Yarwood, Dr Ifesinachi[email protected]
Reid, Dr Benet[email protected]
Reid, Dr Louise[email protected]energy politics; sustainability governance and behaviour
Sharp, Prof Jo[email protected]
Simpson, Dr Mike[email protected]
Sothern, Dr Matthew[email protected]cultural geography; inequalities and health; geography education
Stojanovic, Dr Timothy*[email protected]sustainability governance; ocean and coastal management
Warren, Dr Charles[email protected]environmental management; energy
White, Dr Rehema[email protected]sustainable development; biodiversity conflicts; community; learning for sustainability; sustainable livelihoods; sport; wellbeing
Vradis, Dr Antonis[email protected]
PhD student Researchers
Bartels, Marianne[email protected]Arctic, high north, fossil resources, energy, science communication, global change, oil and gas
Carras, Megan[email protected]
Creaney, Rachel[email protected]rural, health and wellbeing, smart technology, home, older people
Fitzpatrick, Robbie[email protected]sustainability of golf; socio-technical innovation; post growth futures
Gorjanc, Saso[email protected]marine conservation, EU, wilderness, resilience, social constructions, policies
Hogan, Jessica[email protected]wind energy; energy justice; acceptance; conservation conflicts; sustainable development
Huque, Sarah[email protected]
Kankeb, Uthumphorn[email protected]sustainable development, community-based wellness tourism, Thailand
Macphie, Anna[email protected]tropical peatlands; palaeoecology; social science; ecosystem change
Marenbach, Richard[email protected]alternative food networks, local development, community, sustainable development
Whitefield, Abi[email protected]sustainable land management; conservation; environmental social science
Recently graduated PhD students
Nicholson, Hebe[email protected]environmental migration, resettlement; flooding; Malawi; development
Owen, Steven[email protected]
Packwood, Helen[email protected]
Robins, Daniel[email protected]
Smith, Thomas[email protected]
Writer in Residence
Esther Rutterculture and craft- past, present and future
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Mariella Marzano[email protected]forest governance; international development; plant health; conservation
Visiting Researcher
Calle, Oliver[email protected]

*Associate members who are also active in other research groups within the School of Geography and Sustainable Development