26/01/20: Arctic Frontiers Conference

Thursday 17 October 2019

The 14th Arctic Frontiers conference will take place at the end of January and the topic this year is ‘Power of Knowledge’. The conference started in 2006 with the aim to assemble the first global scientific conference on economic, societal and environmental sustainable growth in the high north. It is a gathering place for Arctic scholars across the thematic areas. This year the 4 themes are;
1.      Arctic Food Security
2.      Knowledge-based development in the Arctic
3.      Disruptive technologies
4.      Local or Global Arctic? Multi-scaled considerations of connections and remoteness in climate-impacted communities

GOSSIP PhD student Marianne Bartels will be presenting a poster entitled ‘Bursting the Bubble? Communicating Resource Expectations Adequately in the Context of Global Change and Sustainable Arctic Transformations’ within thematic area 2. Marianne’s poster presentation hopes to address the following issues within that area;

  • Role of communication in linking science, policy, society
  • Processes of collaboration, teamwork, and knowledge co-production
  • Dealing with uncertainty – bridging science and policy-making perspectives and the integration of Indigenous Knowledge and local knowledge

This conference should be an excellent opportunity for Marianne to present some early project outline ideas and exchange ideas with a variety of other participants also working on topics within or relating to the Arctic region.